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The Benefits Of Document Scanning

Mar 10

McKinsey Global Institute’s, “The future of work after COVID-19” identifies 3 increasing trends as a result of the pandemic. From increasing and sustained remote work for 3+ days per week, to digitisation and automation.

With these expected changes to the working landscape, and an increasing need to access documents and information in different ways and formats, we thought we would share our top benefits of document scanning and how they apply in the future of work.

The Benefits

1.      Create More Office Space
As businesses reduce their need for real estate as a result of downsizing, consolidation and more employees working from home, having documents scanned reduces the need to pay for onsite filing cabinets in prime office real estate.

2.      Preserve your Information
Paper breaks down over time. From the natural acid in our skin to humidity to sunlight. Scanning important records protects them from physical deterioration and can improve legibility of old hardcopy records.

3.      Improve Data Security
Scanning documents provides additional data security including data encryption, password protection and secure storage.

4.      Make it Easier for Staff to Collaborate
Especially when working from different locations.

5.      Comply with Audit Requirements
Scanned documents can make it easier to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations. The ability to organise, index and produce documents quickly in an audit improves the auditing experience.

6.      Improve Customer Service
Reduce the time it takes to find paper files and documents, and increase speed in responding to your customer requests.

7.      Improved Disaster Recovery
Fires, floods and natural disasters make paper documents especially vulnerable. With your documents and information scanned as digital images and securely saved, you can improve disaster recovery for your business.

8.      A Greener Planet
According to Access Canberra, each Australian uses approximately 50kg of paper every year. Document scanning greatly reduces paper consumption and provides another way that we can help the environment.

Document Scanning Solutions

Want to experience the benefits of Document Scanning, but not sure where to start? At ZircoDATA, our team of experts are here to support you every step of the way. ZircoDATA’s Document Scanning capability scans and creates digital archives of your business records and information and transforms your seemingly endless paper documents into an easily manageable database of text-searchable digital images.

·        Pay-as-you-go Scan on Demand

·        Backfile scan all your old records through bulk conversion

·        Day forward where we take care of all incoming paperwork for you, collecting and delivering digital images each day, or as you need them

·        Have your mail collected, scanned, sorted, and digitally delivered through ZircoDATA’s Digital Mailroom

About us

ZircoDATA is a market leader in Records and Information Management (RIM), providing secure document storage and records lifecycle management from governance through to storage, digitisation and destruction since 1995. With world class record centres across Australia, our trusted team of industry experts support over 3,000 customers. We deliver superior service and solutions that reduce risk and inefficiencies, securely protecting and managing our customers’ records and information 24 hours a day, every day of the year.